Alternative Solutions to the Debt Crisis - 6-8 March, Brussels

Added 12 Feb 2014
How and why do nations and people fall into the debt trap and how can they escape? What is the big picture regarding the role of the EU, the Troika, national governments and international institutions? This conference brings together academics, policy-makers and citizen activists in order to take a closer look at the public and private debt crisis, both in Europe and developing countries. In an age of austerity, it will explore what an alternative exit from the debt crisis could look like. It will address the lessons learned for EU cooperation, and outline a role for the European Parliament and other EU institutions post-2014.

We will discuss who promotes and who profits from the ‘debt regime’ of indebtedness and debt crises. Experts will share their insights and present case studies on how the debt regime has impacted specific European countries. Beyond Europe, we will look at the relationship between debt and the Arab uprisings. We will also look at the private debt crises, the surge in mortgages and consumer credits triggered by the privatisation of public services and ever lower wages. Experts will report from countries that chose an alternative way of dealing with debt crises, namely Argentina, Ecuador and Iceland. At the end we will discuss the emerging resistance by citizens against the unjust impacts of the crisis.